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Замечание: Эту тему не правили уже 3824 дня. Прежде чем редактировать её, подумайте, не лучше ли создать новую?

Hey, I don't speak Russian at all so I will use English, I hope it's OK.

Well, We, at Nonsensopedia (Polish version of Absurdopedija), agreed that it will be funny to change our appearance to Russian. Check it here. We just used cyryllic letters to transcript our words.

We also borrowed your logo for a while, I hope it's not a problem?

Maybe you will consider similar changes at your site? Transcript all your funky words into latin alphabet ;D.

Cheers from Poland. Russia will prevail.

Ptok Bentoniczny, admin at Nonsensopedя

If we translate our words in Latin alphabet, it would look like we experiencing some technical difficulties with our keyboards. By the way, what reason is behind translating your main page? Just because you feel like that, or there is some historical date? --Глючарина 13:28, 1 ноября 2010 (UTC)

Just because we felt like that :). And there is All Saints day in Poland and decorating page with candles would be boring. And Communism is always funny, isn't it? :D

Anyway, our cyryllic words look awkward anyway. I wonder if you can read them clearly. It's mostly beacause some issues with differences between э е з, reading of л , similarity of ш щ and redundancy of ь ъ ;). You should give the transcription into Latin a chance. Technical issues are funny in their own way.

By the way "л" is "l" э and е are both something like "e" but I can't explain difference. And ъ and ь are not redundant --Глючарина 14:03, 1 ноября 2010 (UTC)
л stands for both l and ł and that's why it's problematic ;)


By the way, I can help you with further transcription. My basic skills of Polish allow me to do it. — Praetorian of the Foreign Office 14:22, 1 ноября 2010 (UTC)

Proszę, Rosjanie uczą się polskiego! Well, we are actually done. We can't change everything and it won't last longer than several days but if we will do something similar in future, I call you!