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Замечание: Эту тему не правили уже 4638 дней. Прежде чем редактировать её, подумайте, не лучше ли создать новую?

Hello there!

As you don't know me yet, I am an admin from the Dutch nl:Oncyclopedia, and I was following the then-active Foreign Office project with Lars863 and Юрник (now probably known as Jean Valjean, and at Uncyclopedia as Praetorian). Well, the Foreign Office project is right now in a deep sleep. I don't think it will come alive, but though, there are coming slowly bunches of life in an other thing, the international Uncyclomedia (UnMeta). It is different than FO, but it is also orientated as an international project for every ****pedia to get involved in (that's the aim). You could have heared of it.

Now, we from UnMeta have a project with Embassies and their Ambassadors. A place for questions, requests, discussions, involving and other things, for more coorperation with all ***pedia's that exist. Because of that, we would like to know who your embassador would be, the person who is central for that principle. So, we ask to the active users who would be The Voice of Absurdopedia for the international purpose as part of another attempt for coorperation and more things thereabout.

In my point, the function of ambassador in UnMeta is a "function" (it's more like a title) where users from "foreign Uncyc's" can ask questions about things like interwikichanges, content containing things, idea's and other things, specifically for/about Uncyclopedia (and other Uncyc's, depends on where the user is ambassador from). So if I got for instance a request to change an interwiki-link, that I can ask a question to the ambassador if that could be done.

All of this falls under the self-made motto "Every ****pediakind has created equal"!

If you're intending to point out an ambassador, we would like to see it happen through a vote. Thanks, Polaroyd7 Polaroydlogotje.PNG Stay focused! • [ NL - UnMeta ] (Roye7777777) 09:01, 1 октября 2011 (UTC)