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Hi! I'm here from Uncyclopedia to tell you about [The Foreign Office]. It's a page where people from the different uncyclopedias can suggest the best of their articles for translation and steal some of the suggestions that have already been made - basically just a place for exchange of ideas, to get all uncyclopedias to the highest quality. I've set it up temporarily on my user page until someone more important agrees to it being somewhere more important, so hopefully soon it might be in a better location.

If you're interested in cross-translation just enter some articles you think would carry across into English well, and take some of those that are already there and you think could translate well to Russian. Thanks! :)

We need one thing to get Absurdopedia to the highest quality. That is: interested volunteers :-) If we have them, we'll soon become much greater. But, The Foreign Office is a good idea. We'll see, what we can steal suggest. — Praetorian aka Юрник 14:26, 13 августа 2009 (UTC)
Awesome, can I take you as the official Absurdopedia representative to the Foreign Office? Feel free to add some material you think is good btw. Or steal some, whatever. :) --Siddhartha-Wolf 18:47, 13 августа 2009 (UTC)